Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12- Hurricane Sandy Concert Review

Did you see the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert last night? We here at Dot's Voice Studios support when artists unite and make music for a good cause.

Overall, I thought it was an entertaining evening full of good-spirited musical legends. It's amazing to consider how artists like Paul McCartney, at age 70 still sounded phenomenal, sailing through 3 octaves like it was nothing, from fast-paced hard-rock, to the peaceful ballad "Blackbird." And that is proof that the voice gets better with age if you look after it.

  I would like to highlight a legendary artist with amazing presence, physique and vocal ability... the first few moments of his solo performance gave me chills...but then I started to wonder about his voice. Was he compensating because he couldn't hit the notes?
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