Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Benefits all Singers Need

Searching for Your Authentic Voice? 
Struggling to hit those high notes?
Overwhelmed by the whole Process?
I'd like to share with you my CORE formula to successful singing and the five benefits, which we'll be learning about and experiencing in more detail this summer while you sing, write music and record in my CORE in Studio Creative workshop! This is a short blog, because I want you to watch the video. There is also another video below the video you will be watching if you click HERE, that will give you more information about CORE Vocal Power® and the secrets to singing success.

Overcome Your Vocal Blocks and Unleash Your Peak Performance this summer!

Click HERE to watch a short video about the five CORE benefits all singers need...and yes, I'll also be answering questions about my summer vocal workshop in the video.

If you've been struggling with any part of your voice lately, now is the time to unleash your peak performance, and experience CORE Vocal Power®. Don't miss out. It's selling fast and there are limited seats